Performance advantages: CPU microprocessor smart digital con-北京冠川智能



Communication alarm host

Performance advantages: CPU microprocessor smart digital con

Performance advantages: CPU microprocessor smart digital con





  • Performance advantages: CPU microprocessor smart digital con
ES6106C alarm system is very practical and widely used in villa community and perimeter alarm system, office buildings and other large security systems can achieve computer software management, cloud service alarm system, and convenient integration with other systems.

The main function

Up to 64 defense zones can be connected: wired and wireless compatible, 64 wireless self-taught code defense zones can be extended through wireless extension module, up to 64 alarm modules can be connected externally through external expansion RS485 extension board, up to 64 extended defense zones can be supported.

Can access up to 8 keyboards, independent operation, LCD display.Each keyboard shall independently and simultaneously deploy and remove all defense areas under its jurisdiction.Through the main keyboard can be programmed, any keyboard can be programmed with all the alarm and display alarm information.

The host itself can be remote-controlled cloth removal, the host itself supports up to 8 wired defense zone.

Can be extended WiFi/IP module, GPRS module, RS232 or IP to achieve the connection with the central software computer.

Connect with the cloud service alarm system through WiFi/IP module and GPRS module.

The external expansion telephone module supports 3 groups of central telephone number alarm, 8 groups of user number alarm, 1 group of security number report, 1 group of security number report.

The name of the defense zone can be changed at will, and the computer can be configured. Each defense zone can support up to 7 Chinese characters.

The RS485 extended communication bus can have up to 64 outputs with 4 linkage devices.Linkage includes: defense area alarm linkage, defense area cloth and remove linkage, and defense area abnormal linkage.It can achieve electronic map, DVR alarm input, local alarm and other functions.

Up to 74 passwords.Including: master password, hijacked code, 8 groups of user passwords, 64 groups of defense zone passwords.

Keyboard password, remote control, center software and mobile phone APP software are used for security removal.

It can store 250 pieces of alarm and operation records respectively, and power off is saved.

There are 10 seconds phone alarm voice, you can choose to write voice files.

Programming and configuration via a computer.Remote configuration, file sending, local write host, make programming and services more simple and effective.


Electrical performance index

Input power: dc12-24v

Host board static power consumption: 300mA

Alarm status: 850mA

Alarm output: DC12V 1A

Appearance size: 270 x 195 x 70mm

Wireless parameters: 315MHz, the shock resistance of the encoder is 1.2m - 4.7m, 2262 encoding mode

The total length of a single communication port bus shall not be greater than 1,200m

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