Indoor and Outdoor Intelligent Radar Anti-Intrusion Detector-北京冠川智能





Company Information

Indoor and Outdoor Intelligent Radar Anti-Intrusion Detector

Gantch intelligent and Beijing university of posts and telecommunications after more than 2 years of design and development, after repeated practice test, radar (intelligent microwave) + passive infrared + artificial intelligence technology composite intrusion detector development success!This product adopts advanced digital signal analysis and intelligent algorithm processing technology, which can effectively prevent false alarm caused by various environmental factors.The product has a variety of functional features, such as anti-pet, dustproof, waterproof, anti-white light, anti-dismantling and automatic induction regulation, etc., with no dead Angle function in the lower window, so that the product can be more widely used in the safety prevention of Banks, jewelry stores, warehouses, schools, communities, factories, mines, buildings and other places.

Product Characteristics
1.Uses the advanced low power microprocessor
2.Waterproof appearance design
3.Using Doppler effect and the intelligent infrared energy analysis 
4.The radar (M/W) adopts X-band microstrip antenna
5.The range of M/W detection can be adjusted flexibly
6.All-directional automatic temperature compensation, Strong ability to resist false alarm
7.Dynamic threshold adjustment technology, effectively eliminates the
interference factor
8.Adopting the unique lower window design, it can eliminate the detection dead angle
9.The alarm output is usually NO/ NC optional
10.No mainframe, independent scene alarm function
11.Using advanced artificial intelligence algorithm, it can distinguish intruders and interference signals
12.Using SMT patch technology and full function detection