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Smart controller for infrared household appliances

Smart controller for infrared household appliances





  • Smart controller for infrared household appliances

Infrared Treasure is a combination of ZigBee and infrared technology ZigBee to infrared devices, can be all infrared appliance to include them, without any modifications to the appliance, ZigBee will be converted to infrared to control home appliances, to control any use of infrared remote control devices, the mobile intelligent terminal such as TV, air conditioning color, lamp and so on. It is simple and easy to operate control interface, code library comprehensive, personalized learning function, easy to control all appliances. Infrared treasure latest HA protocol based on the product of intelligent Home Furnishing seamless access gateway, remote terminal equipment (network terminal, mobile phone) on the home of a local / remote infrared equipment control, infrared learning, intelligent matching function can be added. Home Furnishing intelligent gateway to realize the intelligent management of all home appliances.


Operation instructions

1, this product needs to be equipped with intelligent gateway;

2, connect the smart gateway, press the OK button on the gateway, the network indicator flashes quickly, allowing other devices to join the gateway;

3, in the gateway allows equipment to join the gateway under the conditions of the product power (need to connect the micro data line as power, the power switch at the bottom of the infrared treasure);

4, open the mobile phone and other APP client, upper computer software, control, learning and other operations;

5, if you will treasure the exit gateway infrared network, is normally connected with the gateway in the infrared treasure case, in the mobile phone APP client into the management status delete equipment, or press the RESET button at the bottom of the infrared treasure more than 5 seconds, automatically from the Zigbee network. The equipment into the factory state.



Operating voltage and current: DC, 5V, 150mA
Operating frequency: 2405M~2480MHZ
Barrier free communication distance: 200m
Barrier free networking distance: 100M
Receiver sensitivity: -97dBm
Maximum transmit power: 4dBm
Appearance size: 110mm*32mm (R*H)
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