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Eight major franchise advantages, trillion market, invite you to a win-win situation
01 High product completeness
High threshold
02 Leading products, leading the development of the industry
Product leading
Strong system stability
Gantch adopts a hybrid cloud cluster architecture, through the use of cross-protocol intelligent scheduling technology, cloud computing and edge computing, it can provide efficient and stable services for local and remote users
03 Successful business model
successful business model
Gantch is positioned as a high-end whole-house intelligent system expert, with a wide range of cooperation methods, clear channel strategies, and insists on offline store sales instead of e-commerce sales.
04 Strong sales ability of third-party supporting products
Strong sales ability of ecological chain products
05 可复制门店盈利系统
Replicable store profit system
Global development of numerous agents, OEM and other partners.
The company participates in relevant large-scale exhibitions around the world, and we will cooperatewith relevant agents around the world to participate in the global exhibition. For OEM and ODMpartners, we will arrange professional technical service team to follow up, to produce intimate,satisfactory and high-quality products.

06 Strong terminal retail transaction capability
Strong trading ability in family retail
品牌直营店 22+
高端专卖店数量 600+
百强地产战略集采 30+
全国市场布局22家厂商直营店+600家专卖店,总部拥有超200人零售经营团队深耕一线市场 持续研究提升门店盈利能力,不断赋能加盟商体系。
07 Strong and mature smart real estate project landing ability
The real estate transaction is ahead of its peers
Gantch has won more national design patents, has well-known trademarks of Ganth at home and abroad, and cooperates with well-known real estate at home and abroad to build smart real estate, smart community, smart pension, smart hotel and other well-known projects.
08 Eight operational empowerment strong cooperation system
Strong support system
branded advantages
Gantch is the preferred brand of smart homes in the whole house and has been awarded as one of China's 100 Integrity Brand Enterprises for 13 consecutive years. It is deeply favored by investors and consumers.
Product advantages
The whole house smart home products launched by Gantch have a great competitive advantage and lead the rapid development of the IOT smart industry.
Design advantage
Gantch products are carefully planned and designed by international design masters, and are committed to creating technological aesthetics.
Technical advantages
Gantch Smart has been engaged in intelligent R&D and design for 18 years, and has applied for 100+ patented technologies. It provides technical training and practical training for franchisees, and teaches them to the meeting.
Training advantage
Gantch products have achieved DIY installation and commissioning, and our professional training staff one-on-one. Provide super-first-class supporting services and guidance for franchisees to ensure that franchisees can quickly develop operations and achieve profitability.
Resource advantage
Including real estate intelligent real estate expansion and diversion, the introduction of high-end real estate cooperation, distributor promotion and other resource introduction support
Channel development
Channel development guides franchisees, installation companies, designers, distributors and other channel business development methods to help franchisees customer invitations, increase the meeting rate, increase the transaction rate, etc.
price protection
Accurate positioning in the high-end market and strict regional price protection policy guarantee the profit of every franchisee.
Eight major franchise advantages make you profit easily
1 Blue Ocean = Money Prospects
There are few manufacturers, few distributors, and the competition is not fierce. It is in the period of industrial dividends
2 Product = profit
28 intelligent subsystems, high product completeness, good user experience, and strong retail transaction capabilities
3 Mode = success
Unable to sell through e-commerce, offline stores have huge market space
4 Repurchase = Cash
Unique 5 profit opportunities
5 Management = Wealth
Direct business first and then investment, copy the profit model
6 High Customer Order = High Gross Profit
Strong sales ability of third-party supporting products (smart home appliances, smart lamps, smart audio and video, smart beds), packaged sales of the Internet of Things, high per customer price
7 Output = Rich Man
Professional operation team, on-site guidance
8 Store operation = the foundation of business
Eight operational empowerments
Seize the opportunity to win the trillion market !
Today's wise choice creates tomorrow's new star of wealth
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