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Wireless wall-mounted directional curtain infrared detector

Wireless wall-mounted directional curtain infrared detector





  • Wireless  wall-mounted directional curtain infrared detector
GC-5128HA is high-performance directional detector adopting a wide range of the latest technology. transmitt circuit By the micro-radio, double-curtain passive infrared detection devices, digital microprocessor core technology, directional analysis of high-energy lithium power technology and components.

Prominent features:

A. Than that of ordinary dual infrared and curtain-type detectors have stronger ability of anti-false positives and better detection performance, with the invasion of the direction of recognition, the user from the inside to the outside to enter the security zone will not trigger the alarm, only the illegal invasion intrusion from the outside world will trigger alarm, a great convenience to the user in the security activities of the warning area without triggering alarm system.
B. The use of full range of precision temperature compensation, regardless of ambient temperature changes, consistent detection sensitivity, there is no dead-zone temperature (usually detectors in 32 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, the significant decline in sensitivity). Particularly applicable to prevent the whole wall of windows, large balcony, aisle, etc..
C. The structure of pure wireless, wireless network automatically encoded signal, don’t  need to install wiring, very easy.
D.First power saving design, with high-energy lithium electricity, more than any other wireless infrared detector for longer working hours.
E. Built-in expansion slots for compatibility of different manufacturers supporting the use of a wide range of wireless hosts.
F. Optimization of circuit design, the use of bi-directional pulse counting time, the dynamic threshold comparators, to ensure high sensitivity to the environment at the same time there is sufficient noise suppression.
G. Bi-directional pulse counting the number of options. Meet the environmental needs of different clients. 

  A. install the detectors the wall should be strong and stable , without wavering.
  B. In the same region should not be installed detect two or more GC-5128HF-based detectors, so as not to trigger at the same time, interfere with each other.
  C. When the intruder is the vertical movement of the track through the curtain, the highest detection sensitivity, detection range is based on the approach to the design identified.
  D.Avoid the installation of air flow in a strong place.
  E. Do not install in places where direct sunlight.
  F. ceiling height of 1.5-4.5 meters installed to sensors for the vertex to form a window up to 5-10 meters, 110 degrees angle infrared curtain.
  G. In the interference environment more, pulse count should be increased to reduce the number of detection sensitivity.
  H. When the detector installed in the high-temperature environment, in order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to protect the region at the lowest part of the temperature.

Installation guide
    The bottom  against the wall, it lights up at one end, to ensure that the battery put the side (right) towards the outside to prevent the region, with a fixed screw card board, detectors can be installed on the side of the wall or ceiling installed in the ceiling, according to the actual needs of prevention, infrared light curtain coverage diagram to choose the most appropriate location and angle. If the detector installed in the corner, and detectors on either side next to the other side of the wall, the effective detection range will be  smaller.
3.3 power of work, struck a power switch to "ON" position, the green light flashing for 60 seconds, and then enter the normal working condition.
3.4 The significance of light: red light flashing 3 times: to detect the human body from outside to inside through the curtain, alarm signal detectors send
2 times flashing green light: to detect the human body from the inside out through the curtain,the detector  do not alarm  
Set the working station
Jumper J3: connect to the "I" position for the power-saving mode, an alarm for each detector will stop working after two minutes, in order to prepare for the next detection in order to save power. Connected to the "J" position for the test mode, for each detector alarm (or action) only once after 10 seconds delay, but also the second alarm (or action). In order to facilitate the installation and debugging test when walking.
Jumper J5: connect to the "C" position.
Jumper J6: the timing of the return. Connected to the "B" location, the owner through the curtain from the inside out after 2 minutes to return, connected to the "A" position to allow the return time for 5 minutes. False Alarm detector will return to overtime.
Jumper J7: detection distance options. Connectivity, the detector distance of 10 meters, disconnect, the detection distance of 5 meters.
Jumpers J4, J2: counting number of two-way choice of pulse.
Jumper J4 is connected to F, jumper J2 to connect to the G, pulse of count = 2;
Jumper J4 is connected to F, jumper J2 to connect to the H, pulse of  count = 3;
Jumper J4 is connected to E, jumper J2 to connect to the G, pulse of count = 4;
Jumper J4 is connected to E, jumper J2 to connect to the H, pulse of  count = 5;
Factory set to pulse of  count 2.
Jumper J1 (LED ON): control of light, disconnected, the lights were shut down.
Compatible with other  methods of wireless host
If the wireless host of different manufacturers need to use the detector, the detector can be accessed through the
Expansion slot. Insert the appropriate code chip into the appropriate welding resistance
 walking test
     A. jumper J3 will be connected to the "J" position, and the rest for the default setting.
     B. Simulation of the invaders from outside to inside the region through an effective double-curtain, red lights flashing 3 times, fired warning signal. At this point should ensure that the host can receive the signal.
     C. Simulation of the user from the inside out through the double curtain effective region, the green light flashing 2 times, not fired warning signal.
     D. Simulation of the time frame in return the user back to the detector to work.

A. When users install the detectors should be reliable, firmly installed in the location of the necessary precautions not to drop or impact, so as not to damage the internal infrared sensor.
B. After the user opens the case:
        a. Plug-in should check whether the cap is off, please click the above-mentioned state of 3.5 set of work in strict accordance with the provisions set up in order to achieve the best machine performance.
        b. Do not touch the infrared sensor, so as not to stain or nail scratch mirror sensors.
C. After the user testing should be restored to factory settings or the settings according to the way products, set to the desired state of their own.
D. Users to return to time in accordance with the specific requirements of the option to return to a reasonable time limit. Such as: 2 minutes or 5 minutes and so on, if the user from the inside out through the curtain, the excess of established Back to the time limits set by the detector will be judged as the intruder alarm to trigger.
E. Any probe should be made to the reliability of the test, the user should be tested regularly . 


I.  Technical parameters
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ to 55 ℃ 
Storage Temperature: -25 ℃ to 65 ℃ 
Anti-electromagnetic interference:> 30V / M
White anti-interference: The shield with filter, anti-white:> 20000Lux
Anti-RF interference: the use of SMT and shield, anti-RFI:> 10v / m (20MHZ ~ 1000MHZ)
Power: a high-energy lithium 3V power, 1300mAH capacity.
Working current: less than 65 μA static alarm is less than 10mA.
On Power On Self Test: green light flashing 60 seconds.
Product Dimensions: 128 × 65 × 41mm
Sensor sensitivity: 2 optional
Upper and lower detection angle: 110 ° angle double curtain: 6 ~ 9 °
Detection distance: 5 meters (low sensitivity) to 10 meters (high sensitivity)
Radio parameters: frequency 430.65MHz/315MHz, fired from more than 180m (open area, without interference)
Sensor: Imported special low-noise dual structure
Induction instructions: to detect from the outside to inside the human body through the curtain, red lights flashing 3 times,  send warning signals to detect the human body from the inside out through the curtain, green light flashing 2 times, do not transmit signals.
 anti-Tamper: shell is opened, alarm signalwas send by detector , and every 20 seconds to launch 3 times longer to perform other work until re-covered with shell, when the green light flashing 5 times.
Working modes: power, twice the minimum time interval alarm for 2 minutes; tests a minimum of two alarm time interval for 10 seconds. 

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