Central Control System
Ding Dong Gateway
Smart Gateway

Appliance Controller
Infrared remote control appliance controller
IOT Door Lock
Smart fingerprint lock
Smart fingerprint lock
3D face smart lock GC-H1A
3D face smart lock GC-G20

Environmental monitoring
Human presence sensor
Smoke Detectors
ZigBee intelligent door and window magnetic alarm
ZigBee intelligent human infrared detection alarm
Micro wide angle passive infrared intrusion alarm detector gc-5128e
ZigBee intelligent human infrared detector GC-ZT03PIR
Wired networking combustible gas leakage detection audible and visual alarm GC-200BY
Ceiling mounted wired passive infrared intrusion detection alarm GC-7390

Intelligent Lighting System
One way intelligent control switch (US)
Two-way intelligent control switch (US)
Three-way intelligent control switch (US)
Zigbee 2-way intelligent touch switch
Smart Curtain
Single track smart curtain switch (shine black)
Dual track smart curtain switch (pearl white)
Burglar alarm
Alarm signal
Strobe lamp
Voice loudspeaker
Intelligent security
Wired wireless fire disaster photoelectric smoke detection alarm GC-218CY
Wired wireless ceiling intelligent combustible gas leakage detection alarm GC-200CY GC-200CW
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