Intelligent security
WiFi+GSM alarm host set G30
WiFi+GSM host set G60
WiFi+GSM alarm host set G60B
WiFi Door/Window Sensor D21
Smart Door/Window Sensor with Siren D41
ZigBee intelligent door and window magnetic alarm
ZigBee intelligent human infrared detection alarm
Micro wide angle passive infrared intrusion alarm detector gc-5128e
ZigBee intelligent human infrared detector GC-ZT03PIR
Wired wireless fire disaster photoelectric smoke detection alarm GC-218CY
Wired wireless ceiling intelligent combustible gas leakage detection alarm GC-200CY GC-200CW

Burglar alarm
12V / 24V wired audible and visual alarm signal GC-103
12V / 24V strobe lamp GC-05
Alarm horn GC-626
High decibel intelligent voice loudspeaker
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