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Intelligent breathing new gateway for smart home

Intelligent breathing new gateway for smart home





  • Intelligent breathing new gateway for smart home

Product overview

ZigBee Smart Home Furnishing gateway is an easy to install the gateway, which is simple and easy to operate control interface, can be set from all kinds of trouble, the new ZigBee based HA protocol, the device with ZigbeeLight Link protocol for wireless access lamp, sensor and switch ZigBee HA protocol socket and other products, to provide wireless a strong monitoring function, not only can also remotely monitor through Weixin HomeKit.

The gateway with Ethernet interface, through the TCP/IP protocol to ZigBee network link to the LAN or Internet; through the wireless router or 3G network, you can use a mobile phone or tablet to control the ZigBee series product. This product can be used in home, office, hospital and hotel and other sites.

The indicator light and interface description Lights:

1, the red gateway has power;

2, blue light: gateway has been connected to the router LAN, local operations can be performed at this time;

3, the green light: gateway has been connected to the WAN through a router, which can be operated remotely;

Button and interface instructions:

1, allow the network key: the position is at the top of the gateway. When the OK button is pressed, the indicator light changes alternately in three colors, red, blue and green, which means that other devices (such as ZLL/ZHA protocol devices) are added to the network

2, ETHERNET interface: external network interface, the network can be connected to the router and gateway

3, DC5V: Power Interface

Product features

The host: no need for automatic retrieval of network system and network parameter setting, set of code learning, electricity network, the system can automatically search to the host and network.

Support intelligent sensor electric two-way communication, support real-time feedback: sensor control electrical state real-time feedback, electrical operation state is visible, intelligence also assured.

Connect Intelligent Cloud Center: access to the Internet cloud center, the host can realize intelligent voice control, can provide time and weather forecast, access to WeChat, QQ, micro-blog and other social Home Furnishing account control equipment.

Support local and remote control: full support for home lighting, air conditioning, TV, curtains, local and remote control software security and other household appliances.

Manufactured by SMT process, anti RFI, EMI interference

Operation instructions

1, connect the gateway to the power source and connect the router to the gateway with the network cable;

2, when the gateway lights changed from red to blue or green, press the key indicator to allow network, alternate between blue and red green color represents the flashing, allow other devices to join the Zigbee network, the power supply of other devices, the device will automatically join the Zigbee network;

3, when you need to reset the gateway, on the gateway and connect to the network, the long press the gateway at the bottom of the RESET key for more than 5 seconds, when the gateway indicator lights in red, blue, green, three colors flashing alternately, at this point the gateway reset completed



Operating voltage and current: DC, 5V, 200mA
Operating frequency: 2405M~2480MHZ
Barrier free communication distance: 600m
Barrier free networking distance: 300m
Receiver sensitivity: -97dBm
Maximum transmit power: 20dBm
Appearance size: 110.5mm*81mm*26mm
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