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ZigBee Smart Lock

ZigBee networking intelligent lock

ZigBee networking intelligent lock





  • ZigBee networking intelligent lock

Multiple unlocking functions: ZigBee smart unlock, fingerprints, passwords, cards, ID cards, telephone, SMS and so on, you can unlock

Independent management function: Lock factory internal storage to the factory, the user first set the password for the administrator password, the administrator password self authorization keys, and open the door to the password.

Management function: when the password leak or open card is lost, users can access card management and password cancellation of a lost password, does not affect the use of other members.

Warm voice prompt function:

Automatic door lock function: after closing, the door lock is automatically locked, which eliminates the owner's carelessness and forgets to lock the door, so that you can relax and worry about you

Destroy the anti lock function: when someone is trying to unlock the door to decrypt through illegal means, attack more than 5 times when the door inside the decryption program will be automatically enabled, or a child playing lock, automatic door lock for 5 minutes, while the door warning sound.

Indoor lock function: can set indoor back lock, no disturb function

Night use function: to avoid affecting family rest, night use adjustable mute mode; humanized door lock design; password keys have night back light; easy to use at night

Often open function: when the family does not come back, or the office does not need to lock the door immediately, the adjustable door lock is normally open function

Battery low power reminder: low power consumption environmental protection design, 4 section 5 battery can be used 5000-6000 times to open, the door lock will be 200 times in advance to remind the low, and there is an emergency power supply system, so as to avoid your careless forget the trouble caused by battery change

After power failure, there is memory function: when the door lock is powered off or the battery is replaced, the door lock settings need not be re registered, so as to avoid the pain caused by changing batteries

The inner and outer handles of the utility model are in idle free state, and the utility model can effectively prevent the heavy objects from knocking, handle the violent opening of the door, and use the simple tools such as iron wire to hang the inner handle of the utility model to open the door illegally

National standard double fast lock core function: when you unlock, just push down the handle, you can push the latch all the way to achieve rapid exit. When you lock up, just lift the handle up and down, you can all the main lock tongue, and quickly locked the door

World lock function: the lock core comes with a world lock drive interface hook, suitable for most of the domestic security door, can drive the anti-theft door has been installed on the day lock and ground lock, to further enhance the family's security and anti-theft capabilities

Indoor straight open function: the insurance tongue and the main lock tongue all linkage, the internal direct press down handle can open the door. When the family has an accident, for the effective escape to win time

Indoor lock function: use the indoor locking knob to play the locked tongue, and use the door key outside to open the door

Password backup lock function: the existence of digital password unlocking function, can completely solve the user in the process of using, forget the key or lost keys troubles

The function of issuing temporary guest key or password: for the convenience of visitors to the family or use the unlock key unlock password requirements, can set the guest or guest unlock key to unlock password. The extended function of guest family, can use the configuration function to the visiting guests door timely release of guest or guest unlock key to unlock password. After the guests left, can be use the delete function to delete lock has been issued or guest guest unlock key to unlock password. Guests or guests unlock key to unlock Password issued and delete, does not affect the normal use of family members or unlock key to unlock password.

Tamper alarm: when your home with our door, the door can be directly through the telephone in time by the illegal destruction, SMS notice the first time you or directly inform the management office, security system and even our side and the management office can direct docking, through their direct visual intercom for 1 to 1 docking, through our door locks and intercom linkage, let your family do real-time monitoring, safe and convenient.

Hostage unlock alarm: Gantch intelligent lock anti hijacking alarm can be achieved without notice in the password and card to open the door and alarm information is sent to the property management system or other members of the family, to protect the owners of life safety (or need to do linkage matching telephone alarm function and intercom).

Password leak prevention function: in order to prevent others peeping, unlock passwords, to ensure that users unlock passwords in everyday use security, Gantch smart lock special security password leak prevention function, to solve your password leak trouble

Community card function: to achieve parking, access, consumption, and other equipment card box

SMS remote door, alarm and monitor (optional): door open or non normal people to pick the lock, mobile phone owners can receive timely alarm messages at the same time, the owner can also open the door to the family through SMS, home for the elderly, children, nannies and other home timely SMS notification.

Intelligent lock linkage function (optional): if the door has tamper evident, the forced demolition of lock, indoor machine alarm, and the alarm information is reported in the management of care. The visitors, without the owner went to the door to open the door just in the tenant, the indoor machine interface can be operated without the door. Without additional wiring, using wireless signals, eliminating the cumbersome wiring.

Intelligent anti-theft lock has wide application range: Guanchuan intelligent anti-theft lock can be widely used in Intelligent Residential District, luxury villas, hotels, office buildings, offices, banks, schools, hospitals, warehouses, take you to advance into the intelligent digital fashion life, farewell "unlocks", advocating simple life!


ZigBee networking intelligent lock

Operating voltage range: 4.0~6.0V (4 section 5 alkaline battery)

Emergency power supply with emergency power interface, voltage range 6~9V

Application: residential, office buildings, etc.

Static current: less than 30UA

Operating temperature: -20 DEG C, ~55 DEG C

Suitable for door thickness: 40-120mm (adjustable)

Suitable for door type: wooden door, iron gate

Operating current: <200mA

Resolution 500 DPI

Verify the alignment time < 1 second

Working humidity: less than 93%

The fingerprint collection area is 16 x18mm

FRR (FRR) <0.005%

False positive rate (FAR) <0.001%

Fingerprint sensor optical sensor

Comparison method 1:N

The antistatic ability of less than 15KV

Number of smart keys: card (or password), 70+, fingerprint 162

Unlock: ZigBee remote lock, fingerprint, password, smart card, machine (optional: SMS phone remote ID remote sensing mobile phone)
Power: DC6V (4 5# batteries), DC9V standby power
optional color: pearl nickel bronze red bronze silver fashion


Outside lock size: L:335 x W:76 x H:86 (mm)
Indoor lock size: L:225 x W:76 x H:86 (mm)
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